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All contact concerning the development of a personal project or the reservation of a flash can only be made via email to lyloutattoo (at) or the contact form made available on this site.

So that your request is complete,

If your request is for a flash , please:

  • attach a screenshot of the flash (s) concerned

  • mention the desired location

  • send a photo of the location (photo taken from the front, with sufficient light)

  • mention your general availability in days of weeks


If your request concerns the development of a personal project , please:

  • describe your subject (type of flower, plant, etc.) you can attach an inspiration photo if necessary

  • mention the desired size in cm

  • mention the desired location

  • send a photo of the location (photo taken from the front, with sufficient light)

  • mention your general availability in days of weeks

The project is as far as possible worked so that you can see it before our meeting.  With this in mind, thank you for being responsive in your turn when receiving the project.  An acknowledgment of receipt from you is strongly requested if a reflection period is necessary for the analysis of the project.

before the appointment:

  • Allow time to park in your travel time :)

  • Arrive rested having eaten well that morning

  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs of any kind.  You will not have good to be in a feverish state or the day after waking up.   It is your responsibility!

  • Do not take anticoagulant or painkiller

  • Do not scrub or wax the area, your skin must be healthy and non-irritated

  • Take something hydrated and a sweet / savory snack if necessary

  • And above all ... no stress, everything will be fine                             



  • One month after the tattoo is completed, a photo of the entire tattoo should be sent to lyloutattoo (at)

  • Photo of good quality and with sufficient brightness and sharpness.

  • If no contact has been established at most within 3 months of the tattooing session, retouching will be chargeable.

  • Alterations are not always necessary but they are always included in the service.  Only Lylou Tattoo is the judge to say whether it is necessary to make touch-ups or not.  


Complete healing of your tattoo (internal and external) requires between 2 weeks and a month after the session. During this time, the seriousness with which you will practice the care will greatly influence the beauty of your tattoo.

It is therefore important not to expose yourself to the sun for the first two weeks following the sessions and to follow the treatment procedure which will be explained to you below.

You cannot apply ANY product other than organic coconut oil or care cream on the tattoo (no regular moisturizer, no sunscreen, no self-tan, etc.).

A poorly groomed tattoo is your responsibility and could lead to significant retouching. In this specific case, the cost of these will be solely at your expense.

  • Remove the bandage after 3 to 4 hours, if the environment in which you will be is healthy (no dust etc.)

  • Rinse gently with lukewarm / cold water with a little neutral pH soap and especially clean the tattoo by hand, NOT with a washcloth!

  • Rinse the tattoo well, making sure to gently let the water flow without putting the spray directly on the tattoo

  • Dry by dabbing with a disposable paper towel and allow to breathe 5 to 10 min

  • Apply a thin layer of organic coconut oil or Bepanthol Ointment, Cicaplast care cream, according to your preferences

  • Make sure to apply the organic coconut cream or oil 2 to 3x a day, always with clean hands for a period of 15 days  

  • Ventilate as much as possible Wear loose, clean, soft clothing, preferably cotton.

  • Do not bandage the tattoo unless necessary (dirty / dusty environment).

  • Avoid drug treatments for the skin and care such as shaving, waxing, exfoliation, etc.

  • NO bath, hammam or sauna for 15 days Exposure to the sun is TOTALLY prohibited, as well as the sunbed. Do not scratch the tattooed area, do not remove small scales, do not rub

  • After healing, when you expose yourself to the sun, apply sunscreen index 50+ to ensure that the tattoo lasts well over time.

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