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For the first time, looking at my work, I recognize myself.


And i smile  !

At this point, I am leading my professional life at best, but frustration persists. My activity does not allow me to express my artistic creativity as I need it.

That's when I decide to take my flight  and put me in search of an activity more in accordance with my passion.

Lylou Drawings - Introspection 2014

The tattoo appeared to me naturally as the solution, being already registered in my universe. Indeed, my own tattoos came straight out of my little head. A lot of my friends also wear some of my artwork on their skin.

From my beginnings, it is the revelation ...


For me, this is a pure extension, a new drawing technique that I am happy to learn. I have the feeling of finally going to the end of my work with each of my works, from the conception to the realization on the skin.

211984185_201628658632192_8748388246687552060_n (1).jpg

The relationship with my clients also quickly takes an important place in my work.

When I start a project, it is essential for me to establish a bond of trust with the person I am tattooing. To know that we are on the same wavelength, to share my bubble, my universe with them.

I experiment with a lot of different techniques, get inspired by artists I love and thus hone my skills.

It is after returning from an "escape" abroad that I end up in my introspection.


I create a series of illustrations representing vegetated hearts and lungs, fruits of my feelings of the moment.

Result of my journey  : since May 2019, I have discovered the joy of living from my passions  :


the drawing, the tattoo and the sparkling eyes of my clients  !

I bring my drawings to life  !

I am made to tattoo  !

Heart and lungs - Open Nest - 2014

LYLOU TATTOO_FLEUR SEULE_fondtransparent_edited.png

From the scribbled comic characters of my childhood to the floral designs of today, here is a piece of my story.

As far as I can remember, I have always drawn. After a few years of drawing lessons, I started studying Interior Architecture in Saint-Luc. In particular, during my sketching lessons, I learn to be inspired by nature, fauna as well as flora.

It was at this time that my love of flowers was born… Did someone say “obsession”?

Once graduated, I start a long reflection on my artistic identity:

Who am I ? And how to express it through drawing?


Welcome to my website  ! Want to know a little more about me  ?

Photo by Cocoschka

LYLOU TATTOO_LOGO-COLOR_fondtransparent.png

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